484 Brands LLC

TroyTube (formerly TroyGram) is a division of 484 Brands LLC, owned and operated by Troy and Tammi Young.

What is TroyTube (formerly TroyGram)?
In March 2017 a popular app used to make monograms was removed from the Apple play store and I was already working on a website to create monograms, so I spent a couple weekends drinking a lot of coffee and TroyGram was born. Initially it only had the 3-letter monogram feature, then a 4-letter monogram was added, and then the text tools and curve text feature. You can use these free tools to create images/designs to be used with your favorite cutting software such as Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio and more. After several years I decided to not only update the website to be more compatible on mobile devices, but to create a small network where crafters can socialize, help each other, and share ideas with one another.  Unfortunately Facebook will not allow a connection for development with any form of the word “gram” in it because of Instagram, even though my site did not start as a community, so I have rebranded the site to TroyTube.NET.

Is it free to use?
Yes, currently the tools available are free to use and the community is free to join. There may be additional areas later on that are paid or subscription based, but we’ll see how that evolves over time.

Is there a mobile app?
The current roadmap includes true mobile app released in the fourth quarter of 2022 for iOS and Android platforms.

What does 484 mean?
484 is the number of letters in the words LOVE, KINDNESS, and HOPE and is really a formula spelled out as LOVE + KINDNESS = HOPE. When you combine love and kindness, it shows the world there is hope for all humanity. Be loving and kind to others and the only thing they can realize is there is not only hope for them, but hope for the world.