10 Yard Rolls Now Available

As we continue to grow and expand our inventory we now have 12″ x 5 Yard and 12″ x 10 Yard Rolls of the following materials available:

  • ORACAL 651 Permanent Adhesive Vinyl
  • ThermoFlex Plus Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • ThermoFlex Turbo Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • ORAMASK 813 Stencil Film

ORACAL 651 Vinyl

ORACAL 651 Vinyl, manufactured by ORAFOL and is the most popular vinyl in the craft and DIY market.  You create wonderful personalized items, décor, and other crafts with it.  It’s also widely used by professional decal and sign makers. The vinyl is famous for its durability, versatility, and vast range of colors. Crafters use ORACAL 651 Vinyl to create custom decals, labels, signs, and other decorative since it can adhere to a variety of surfaces.

ThermoFlex Plus and ThermoFlex Turbo HTV

ThermoFlex is the industry’s leading heat transfer vinyl and is known for its exceptional durability and soft texture. When applied correctly, it outlasts the garment it’s pressed onto, making it a popular choice among professionals. ThermoFlex Plus and Turbo are the same HTV film so they both have the same super soft matte finish. The differences between the two are:

Color Options: ThermoFlex Plus has 76 colors and Turbo has 48 colors to choose from.

Adhesive Type: ThermoFlex Plus is considered more like traditional HTV and applies at 320-330°F for 15 seconds while Turbo is a low temp/time product that applies at 270°F for just 5 seconds, but Turbo can also be applied to Nylon. Additionally, the low temp/time application for Turbo makes it ideal for heat sensitive fabrics such as tri-blends with Rayon.

Stencil Material

ORAMASK 813 Stencil material is also made by ORAFOL, the same company that makes ORACAL 651 vinyl. ORAMASK 813 is a rigid and translucent stencil film that allows you to easily see where you’re placing it and is coated with removable adhesive to allow for sharp lines when applied to smooth surfaces.

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