dpiPrint Color Laser Printable Heat Transfers

The Quality

Create beautiful custom designs and apply to light or dark colored garments within minutes!  We worked with many different color laser transfers on the market to determine which one met our requirements. 

We are so confident in this product we decided to work directly with the manufacturer and make it our own, offering it as dpiPrint transfers to offer alongside our dpiSub sublimation solutions.

Key Features

  • Easy to work with – No paper backing that is frustrating to work with during the cut/weed process.
  • Feels great on a shirt – Thin, somewhat stretchy feel, doesn’t feel like a thick paper on the garment.
  • Holds up in the wash – Holds up to 20-30 washes or more if properly cared for.


dpiPrint color laser printable transfers can be applied to cotton, polyester, and cotton-polyester blends.  It may be able to be applied to some nylon surfaces but requires testing for each type of nylon (you’re on your own for nylon testing).

This product is REACH compliant, does not contain PVC, plasticizers, heavy metals, or VOCs based on OEKO-TEX Standards.

Application and Care

  • Print using a color laser printer, do not mirror print nor cut.
  • Cut and weed your design if required.
  • Use the included transfer mask to remove your design from the backing.  Do not use other transfer masks as they may damage the transfer.
  • Place on the garment and press for 30 seconds at 320°F with medium pressure.
  • Peel when completely cold to the touch.

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