Value vs Values

December 13, 2020 – Values and Value are two different things but one can greatly affect the other, especially over time.  Your Value can come in many forms but in this case I speak of the value you bring to a company.  Experience, skills, intelligence, and other important aspects as a member of a team create your value.  In other words, what do you bring to the table?  What do you have to offer that can increase the productivity of a team or organization?  Bringing value to a team or organization is the single most important factor for an employer.  If an employer does not perceive you have value, why would they hire you at all?  Sure there are some ill-advised cases where decisions are made based on other factors but at the end of the day, it’s what you bring to the organization or team that matters most.

Values, on the other hand, are the perceived measurements of what you offer as a person.  Work ethic, loyalty, integrity, and others are leadership qualities that may affect your Value.  Read it again–Values are different from Value, but can affect your value to an organization.  In a VLog entry on my YouTube channel some time ago I offered the analogy of a former Major League Baseball player named Mark Whitten who had the potential to be a two-sport athlete, but chose baseball over football.  Whitten possessed tremendous athletic skills and on September 7, 1993 he hit four home runs and drove in 12 against the Cincinnati Reds–both tied Major League records and he is the only person to do both in the same game.  As a Reds fan, I was listening to that game and I had never seen or heard anything like the offensive display he put on.  Whitten bounced around the Majors from 1990-2000 playing for nine different teams.  It was was said he was a virus in the clubhouse.  Whitten had great Value, but his lack of Values prevented him from becoming a superstar.

As you can see, Value and Values are two different things but they are definitely not mutually exclusive.  If you work hard to keep both at high levels, your chances of success increase exponentially. 

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  1. As if I had written this myself!! Wise words!!! Seems so simple but so very many folks will never come close to understanding. Well done, good sir!!

  2. That is so very true and so many employers do not know the difference and many times one or both go unrecognized. Looking at the young adults and kids still growing up, sadly have neither. In my opinion. Yes some still do but mostly not. It is sad. Thank you for this, it is well said and i will share it.

  3. So true. I would prefer a person with values than someone who just brings value to the table. Values speaks volumes about a person. When a person has both you have a true asset!

  4. Yes! Truly valued employees will have both qualities and exceptional employers will recognize and reward it – that’s how great businesses survive and thrive 💖 Food for thought!

  5. You’re exactly right. I have been in several situations and gave seen both sides. Sometimes we are a value- skill wise- but our values also create internal conflict. You may be a value to a “team” but the environment isn’t conducive for your values. I have had to make hard choices so not to lose my soul, per say. Those were definitely hard decisions that in the end I had to do what was best for both sides.

  6. So eloquently stated.
    We need more of both value & values in this country tight.
    Hard to keep your eye on the ball (to spin off on your analogy), when we each feel we are striving to protect our value system, our families & try to hang on to our basic faith in god & human decency in EVERY PERSONS VALUE & RELIGIOUS FAITH…not just a few.
    Thank you for your wisdom & helping share the true meaning of value/values.

  7. Troy, you have both. Anyone who can’t see that is blind. And stupid. I appreciate who you are and all you have done for crafters all over the world. I am watching and waiting to see what you do next.