Curve Text Under

Click Here to Read the Instructions
(For Heaven’s sake, please take a minute to read the instructions) To curve text on the underside of a circle, we have to do two steps:

Step 1

Enter your text below and click the reverse button.
Once you have selected the reversed text copy the text by pressin CTRL + C on your keyboard or right-click on the text with your mouse and click copy.

Step 2

Click here to go to the Curve Text tool, then paste your reversed text into the box and adjust the Arch Text slider to the left until the text arch inverts to the appearance you want. Continue with regular use of the tool to adjust the appearance. IMPORTANT: Once you move the Arch Text slider and invert the text arch, it may move out of view off the bottom of the design area. Simply use the “Move Up/Down” slider to move it back up.
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