How to Use

Important Update: 12/5/2020

As of 12/5/2020 more than 100 Google Fonts have been added to the Text and Shadow Layer tool and the Curve Text tool. The font list indicates whether a font is a Google Font or a System Font. As it stands, a System Font must be added to the site by me (but I’m not currently adding new system fonts). If a system font does not appear the way you expect it to, then you likely do not have the system font installed. Google Fonts do not need to be installed on your system and they are available for personal and commercial use.

If you thicken some fonts you’ll see “spikes” protrude in certain areas like “N”, or letters that have a steep angle. That spike is a result of the other side of the line thickening and coming out of the other side so back it off a little or you can usually lop it off easily in your editor/cutter software.

Important Update: 11/27/2020

I am making a lot of changes to the site so that each page is mobile responsive.  Because of the changes being implemented there are certain features that may not work as described below or some features may be (or appear to be) broken.  Rest assured I am working on multiple aspects of the site to make it faster, smoother, and more user friendly.  During this next couple week there may also be slight discrepancies with regards to instructions on how to use certain features, as well.  Once development changes are complete, everything will be updated to reflect the changes including instructions on using the site.


You should use Chrome or Firefox in order to save the image by right-clicking.  Safari and Edge do not work.  Otherwise you may use the function at the bottom of the screens to email the image to yourself and it normally arrives in your inbox in about one to five minutes.

Fonts for Monograms

Prior to November 21, 2020 you were required to have the fonts for monogram maker pages installed on your computer. We have updated the site to no longer require the fonts for monograms to be installed. However, you are still beholden to the license agreement per the font maker. Here are links to the fonts where you can find resources including the license agreement for each. Monogram KK Free Monogram Janda Stylish Monogram KG Modern Monogram Plain Here’s a video on how to install fonts in Windows.

System Fonts vs Google Fonts

Some system fonts I have listed can be downloaded from and others may be installed by Microsoft Office or other applications I have on my system. If you do not have the font and you cannot find it for download on, it is likely a licensed font or one that came with some software I have installed on my system. Please do not ask me where you can find a certain font. Look on and if it’s not there, try Google. If the font is not on, it’s not likely I know where I obtained it. Move on and use another font.

Click here to buy the Samantha font.

Here are some examples of system fonts you want to consider: