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How do I stop by printer from drying up and clogging?

If not used regularly, inkjet printers are susceptible to the ink drying up and clogging the print heads.  When this happens the print quality is drastically degraded or the printer may not print at all.  In some cases running a standard print head cleaning can resolve the issue.  Epson Eco-Tank printers also have a Power Clean utility that can resolve the issue.  The Power Clean feature should be used sparingly and as a last resort approach because it uses a lot of ink and can cause the ink reservoir well and pad to fill up quickly (the reservoir and ink pad are for excess waste ink).

How to Prevent Clogging

There’s no sure way to prevent clogging since that is the nature of a system that pumps fluid through very tiny tubes and holes in a print head.  Sometimes clogs just happen and sometimes clogs are actually an air bubble that can stop the flow of liquid.  These physical factors are the primary reasons it’s important to use ink designed for the printer and print heads, like dpiSub Premium Sublimation ink.  However, on of the ways you can minimize the risk of clogged print heads is to use the printer regularly. Unfortunately that is simply not reality in some cases, especially in the case of sublimation printers that are not regularly used.  Since many printers (especially Epson Eco-Tanks) can print from an email sent to a special email address, the best way to prevent clogging is to use our FREE utility that can send a scheduled test page to your printer(s).  This free service provided by dpiSub and BulkVinyl.com can send a test print page to an email address on a scheduled basis, usually once a week is sufficient. You can watch the video below to learn how to set up your printer test page.
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