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What do you use Transparent 651 vinyl for?

Clear / Transparent vinyl is intended for printing with an eco-solvent or latex printer, which is not something most people would have access to at home. So what do you use it for? Some people use it as a laminate to protected inkjet printable vinyl. I have never used it this way because I cannot imagine the adhesive would be good for the printable vinyl, plus I’m not sure the surface of the printable vinyl would be conducive to allowing the  clear vinyl to adhere to it well. I would have to test this and use the item for a few months before I could make a recommendation on this use of clear / transparent vinyl.  We actually offer glossy and matte laminate for ORAJET 1917 printable vinyl. I did find a great use for it as a protective layer, though. In the cup pictured below you will notice several fine lines in the logo that probably would not have adhered well at all and rubbed off easily. Rather than cutting the image as it was sent, I decided to do a reverse cut and give it the appearance of the popular coffee ring logo. This also allowed me to reverse cut the letters and not have to worry about smaller fonts coming off the cup. To protect the entire design I cut a layer of clear vinyl and placed over the whole design. The clear vinyl is exactly the same size as the outer circle so placement was tedious but it worked out well.
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