Text & Shadow Layer

Click here for information regarding fonts used in this tool.
To quickly preview fonts:
Select the first font in the list then use your up/down arrows to scroll through them and the fonts should change on the design canvas.

To create a shadow layer:
1. Enter your text, create your word(s) with the font you desire, then save the image.
2. Without making any other changes, adjust the thickness of the text using the adjustment under the font selection to add thickness, then save the image.
3. In your design/cutter software, upload or import both image and overlay them.

  • Font Size
  • Font Thickness
Design Area
  • Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.
  • Squeeze/Stretch
  • Move Up/Down
  • Move Left/Right
  • Work Space Width
  • Work Space Height

Three Options

1. Right-cick the image to download (Works in Chrome and Firefox)
2. Click here to download (does not work on all browsers)
3. Email it to yourself below. Email typically arrives in 1-5 minutes.